Explanation of Benefits (EOB) By Carrier

An Explanation of Benefits – otherwise known as an EOB – is a document you receive after each medical provider visit, showing how your medical carrier has accounted for each of your claims. EOBs typically include: date of service; services provided; what they paid; amount you are responsible for; what, if any, discounts were applied; and the accumulation or total against your out-of-pocket maximum.

We strongly recommend that you review each EOB you receive (either via US Postal Service or via an online account with your carrier) to make sure that the information stated is accurate. But that said, we understand that sometimes interpreting EOBs can be a challenge. As such, we’ve pulled together sample EOBs and explanations for how to read them from many of Nonstop’s carrier partners. If you don’t see your carrier listed, you can check out this sample from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services.

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