Verifying Charges on Your Nonstop Visa card

You may use the Nonstop Visa card for carrier-approved, in-network services and prescriptions. The card may not be used for out-of-network or elective procedures or anything that your medical carrier would not apply towards your deductible and out-of-pocket tracking. In addition, the Nonstop Wellness program does not cover dental or vision costs so you cannot use your Nonstop Visa card to pay for these services.

To verify that all charges on your Nonstop Visa card are in-network and carrier-approved, Nonstop reserves the right to ask you for documentation to confirm that the charges on the card were allowed/approved, and counted towards your deductible and out of-pocket tracking.

Please see the resources below or Download our Nonstop Wellness Verification Process: Policies and Procedures to learn more about Nonstop’s verification process and how you can make sure to stay in compliance with our policies and procedures.

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